08 September 2008

Little Lad's Popcorn

My internet oracles tell me that the only post on this blog to generate any interest is my review of Little Lad's, and even that post only receives hits because people are scouring the web for advice on making Little Lad's awesome popcorn. In the interest of satisfying the masses, here is my version of it:

1st: Pop your corn according to your favourite method (my weapon of choice is a cast iron skillet). I assume below that you've popped 3/4 Cu. of corn, which is all my skillet can manage without blowing its lid off.

2nd: Choose your fat. The Little Lad's label says that they use soy bean oil, but you can do better than that. Try melting some Earth Balance (which, admittedly, is not really food), or just use some light vegetable oil (such as canola), or go one step further and make an oil infused with dill and garlic and pepper or something along those lines. Toss 2 – 4 Tbs. of your fat of choice with your popped corn.

3rd: Toss your corn with 1/4 Cu. or more of nutritional yeast. It's best to add the yeast a little bit at a time, or else you end up with a mess—in fact, you'll end up with a mess anyway as the yeast tends to fly away (which is one reason you need to coat the corn with the fat first).

4th: Add 1 tsp. of dried dill (or better yet, somewhat more than that amount of finely chopped fresh dill) and salt to taste; toss the corn well to mix it all in.

5th: Yum.


Julie said...

Thanks I am in love with there popcorn!!! Can not wait to try it!

Brad said...

Thanks, Julie. Hope it works out. I need a new recipe, because I've worn this one out for a while. I just saw this recipe and it looks pretty good:

The Burger Blogger said...

i don't have a recipe, per se.
olive oil
nutritional yeast
cayenne pepper
braggs liquid aminos
obviously, this isn't a recipe for little lads. but another yummy popcorn option.

Unknown said...

do these guys have a website I cannot seem to find them online... ?

Brad said...

It's right here, Emily: http://www.littleladsonline.com/

Burger Blogger: I'll have to try that one out. It sounds good.

Unknown said...

Little Lad's Popcorn is the newest way I enjoy my favorite food. What a wonderful discovery! I can't bear to throw out the leftover spices, so I save them to sprinkle on eggs, potatoes, a plain vegetable, etc.