16 July 2009

How (Not) To Cook an Eel.

On June 13, 1976, Merrill, then nine years of age, entered CMP's property in South Berwick to fish in the Salmon Falls River. After catching an eel in the river, Merrill walked to the nearby CMP electrical sub-station, climbed the surrounding fence, and attempted to cook the eel by leaning over the top of the fence and placing the eel on a live electrical wire. Merrill received an electric shock and suffered severe burns.

Merrill v. Central Maine Power Company, 628 A.2d 1062, 1063 (Me.1993).

10 July 2009

Portland's Farmer's Market Needs A Witch

On the off chance you didn't read it at BoingBoing, I have to mention the lede of the day:

If only she'd hop on her broom and fly to Deering Oaks now. My daughter would love that. I'm trying to think of a way to construe tarot cards as "farm and food products," but it's a stretch.

06 July 2009

What to do with garlic scapes

Now that they are almost all gone, I ask: "What's your favorite thing to do with garlic scapes other than making a pesto?"

Including the usual garlic scape pesto, I've tried:

  • Garlic scape tempura (ok, but be sure only to use just only the flower tips, not the stems);
  • Grilling (not so great);
  • Chopped finely and mixed in with burgers of ground turkey, chopped gherkins, herbs, mustard, bread crumbs and Worcestershire sauce (really good);
  • Garlic scape bread (the bulbs are better for this); and
  • Mixing garlic scape pesto into leftover steamed red new potatoes and mashing them into a cake that is fried in a skillet (wow, that's good).
How about you?

Fancy Fast Food

You can file Fancy Fast Food under "Someone has a nice camera and way too much time on their hands."