16 July 2009

How (Not) To Cook an Eel.

On June 13, 1976, Merrill, then nine years of age, entered CMP's property in South Berwick to fish in the Salmon Falls River. After catching an eel in the river, Merrill walked to the nearby CMP electrical sub-station, climbed the surrounding fence, and attempted to cook the eel by leaning over the top of the fence and placing the eel on a live electrical wire. Merrill received an electric shock and suffered severe burns.

Merrill v. Central Maine Power Company, 628 A.2d 1062, 1063 (Me.1993).


Mary said...

Um... that's deserving of a Darwin award.

Brad said...

Fortunately for him, but less so for the gene pool, he survived the electric eel incident.

Ken Walden said...

Maybe he just wished he had caught an electric eel.


Unknown said...

Only in Maine!!!! Too funny.
Oh, and the eel? Was DELICIOUS!