09 March 2009

One of Those Nights; Also, Braised Cauliflower

Ever have one of those nights where nothing turns out right? Well I just did:

The roasted red carrots, parsnips and pears got left in the oven too long. The patties of lamb sausage got burned. The greens fresh from the poly-tunnel in Dresden were nice, but sadlty the dressing broke. The only thing noteworthy was the braised cauliflower, which I'd like to repeat as it could have benefited from better herbs. This was the second of two recipes I tried to commit to memory the other day while leafing through a copy of Alfred Portale's Simple Pleasures. The gist of it is that you sauté some diced onion, bay leaf, garlic and thyme, then add wine and diced tomatoes and reduce. Then braise the cauliflower in the that base plus a lot of chicken stock. Once the cauliflower is tender, it's removed and the sauce is reduced to a manageable amount before olives and fresh herbs are added. Yum.

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