13 May 2009

One Last GRO Post; Also, Zucchini Noodles For Dinner

I need to stop posting about GRO, but I think I've got the place figured out now so one last report is worthwhile. There's a sort of trifecta on their menu that consists of (1) the Fun Guy in the Sun Dry (or whatever it's called) salad, (2) their nori roll, and (3) the zucchini noodle appetizer (which is a perfectly good lunch). Also, all of the smoothies and chocolates and cookies are excellent, but that stuff doesn't a lunch spot make. Hey GRO guys, if you are listening: you guys need some specials.

The zucchini noodle salad is dressed with some concoction involving almonds and sesame oil and lemon juice and other yummy bits. It's quite good.

Using pureed nuts to create creaminess is a clever vegan trick that I decided to recreate for dinner. I made an almond-basil variation of Vegan Yum Yum's tomato basil crema, using half whole wheat spaghetti and half zucchini "noodles" for the pasta. While I'm glad that Olivia's Garden produces hot house tomatoes, they still aren't the real deal by any stretch, so I can't wait to come back to this recipe when real tomatoes are available. But even with the off-season tomatoes this was wonderful and it fooled my daughter into eating lots of zucchini.

For making zucchini noodles you could in theory run the zuke lengthwise through a mandolin with the proper insert, but the better method is to use a "magicook" spiral slicer. I know the price on amazon seems high, but I think I've seen them for cheap at Sun Market in town (which is the better place to buy one anyway). It's worth buying a Benriner slicer just for the engrish on the instructions.

N.B.: GRO has their shroom room set up in the back and you can now watch them grow shitaakes.

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