03 November 2009

Little Lad's, Take Three

Little Lad's [warning: worst flash intro to a website ever] in Portland had its third (that I know of) change in management a couple months ago.


  • The annoying endless loop of proselytizing, christian vegans has ended. Amen!
  • The "buffet" is now behind closed doors, so you can't see what you're getting before you get it and you can't control your own portion sizes. Instead you just order what you want from a chalkboard. On the other hand, the food is exposed to less germs this way, which is just fine with me.
  • Patron's are no longer greeted with "Hey Captain!" I really miss that, but not as much as I hated the TV they used to have.
The buffet still has the same general stuff in it: sloppy vegan fare a la 1970s. But it's warm, healthy stuff that's mostly Food, and sometimes that's totally enough.


Kate. said...

Ha, that is the worst flash ever! And I've heard their buffet is not so good, but I still want to try it. Is it worth it? (Not the money, I mean, cuz it's cheap, right?)

Brad said...

It's--yeah, well it's not awesome, but sometimes I do just want a vegan lunch that is all warm and this is really okay for that. The buffet supposedly changes, but it always seems to consist of green peas, steamed carrots, bulgur (which they incorrectly identify as millet), some sort of mashed potato (sweet potatoes, parsnips and potatoes, it varies), and some kind of casserole that pretends to be mac'n'cheese (it probably has a nut butter based sauce in it). You also get a really good green salad and some popcorn and, if you want it, a cup of soup. That's all $4.50, which is ridiculous for the massive amount of food you get.