16 February 2010

Week-end Wreckage, Part IV

We have two great local food interviews in the works. Meanwhile, here's the week-end wreckage:

Heather Davis, who works for the local non-profit The Telling Room, wrote in and asked that I mention her organization's Movable Feast event on February 24. The Telling Room website describes the event as follows:

Please join The Telling Room and friends for a culinary experience unlike any other; one that will take you and your group on a journey in three acts. In one evening, we will visit three acclaimed restaurants—Local 188, Five Fifty-Five, and David's—to enjoy three different courses, followed by a last call at Local 188.
[Nice correct typographical usage of emdashes, Telling Room.] The Telling Room works with kids to improve literacy and writing skills through story-telling, which is pretty cool, so please consider helping them out.

Check out Kate Hasset's amazing photographs of Maine food greats such as Mother Oven Bakery, Heiwa Tofu, Black Crow Bakery and others.

From Away:

My new favorite neologism is "Taco Shed." [via BLDBLG.] I am passing on the coined taco term, T&T&A, for the time being [as reported on Huffington Post recently].

Behold, the "Anti Fridge." [Via Ecology of Food via Edible Geography.]

Obi-Wan Canoli: Yes, Cuke. The Farm is what gives us our power; it's a kind of 'field' that creates all edible things. But, alas, the market has been taken over by the dark side of the Farm. [Via Edible Geography.]

Finally, what you've always wanted: a wasabi smoke alarm. Imagine setting that off accidentally. Calligula's recent "restaurant debauchery" post reminds me of the time I won $20.00 by snorting a line of wasabi powder. It wasn't nearly enough money. [What is the statute of limitations on criminal offenses in Illinois anyway?]

Also, yes, I know that I never spell dessert properly as has been recently pointed out.

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