02 April 2010

Weekend Wreckage, Part V


VoterVale Farm's Lamb Cam!

Rabelais Books reminds us that there are some really interesting stories behind Maine's latest crop of of organic farmers.

Food For Maine's Future's 5th Annual Local & Sustainable Food Conference is coming up on April 10 and 11.

Peter Smith's piece on Will Bonsall, "a self-designated Noah," posted late last year, was really interesting.

Portland Cook's second post is a radio interview with Randy Lautz of MeFoodTrader.org (and MeAgTrader.org).

I've been enjoying LisaF's permaculture related twitter feed.

Little Ridge Farm's blog has a lot of good recipes for anyone who gets overloaded with veggies from their CSA this summer.

From Away

Mollie Katzen recasts the detestable word "flexitarian" as "vegatablist."

Maciej Cegłowski, who came up with the term steakation and who's blog includes the excellent Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel post, writes about the discovery and loss of the cure for scurvy.

King Corn was a great movie, but it pulled a lot of punches when it came to environmental issues. They take up that topic in a sort of sequel: Big River.

No, I do not have a lettuce fetish:


Finally, as a sort of follow up to the interview with Jeff from Heiwa Tofu, I should mention the Tempeh and Tofu Challenge.

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