30 October 2010

Weekend Wreckage, Part VII

Locally (sort of):

[Photo by Corey Templeton]

Civil Eats, in an article about misuse of the term farmers' market nationally, features a shot of Gallit Sammon and Chris Cavendish of Fishbowl Farm.

Everywhere Else:
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders lists seven criteria, any three of which makes a substance addictive. Salt has four of them: withdrawal symptoms, the development of tolerance, inability to control level of usage, and difficulty quitting or restricting (even with full knowledge of health hazards).
"What's Inside: Doritos Late Night All Nighter Cheeseburger Chips," The Ecology of Food (October 27, 2010).

That's a grill crafted by an Estonian artist from a deep sea mine made in Russia in 1942. [Via Make.]

Check out Daisy she’s a proper cow /A pedigree Friesian with know how /Her and her girls they have their own name / We treat them good / They give us the cream
Yeo Boyz (Featuring Lil' Massey).

… a judge in Brazil has ordered McDonald's to pay a former manager $17,500 based on his allegations that he gained 65 pounds during his years with the company, due to such dastardly corporate practices as offering employees free lunches.

In addition to forcing this free food down his gullet, the company also went so far as to hire inspectors who would show up randomly and send back reports on food, cleanliness and service. As a result of these invasions by what he called "mystery clients," the man alleged he was effectively required to sample his restaurant's food every day to make sure it was up to par, also adding to his girth.
"McDonald's Ordered to Pay Fat Manager," Lowering the Bar (posted October 29, 2010).

I think the best way that everyone could eat is to be at home and cook and eat with your friends and family. Ideally—again, how ideal is this world?—there wouldn’t be a need for a restaurant.
Leslie MeEachern of Angelica Kitchen in New York (quoted in "Community Supported Restaurant: In Conversation With Angelica Kitchen’s Leslie McEachern," Civil Eats (posted on October 12, 2010)). The Angelica Home Kitchen Cookbook is a favorite of mine, unfortunately the recipe for Oden at the end of the interview is, in my opinion, the weakest in the book.


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Thanks for featuring one of my photos in your post. Nice looking blog you've got here.



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Thanks, Corey.