26 May 2009

All I ask for is a fresh eggplant and a star to steer her by …" or, Veggie Day in Ghent

A few weeks back, the City of Ghent began observing "a regular weekly meatless day, in which civil servants and elected councillors [sic] will opt for vegetarian meals" in an effort "to recognise [sic] the impact of livestock on the environment." As part of the effort, "[a]round 90,000 so-called 'veggie street maps' are now being printed to help people find the city's vegetarian eateries." [Via the BBC.] I guess our version of the veggie street map is here at Avery's Commune Tested, City Approved.


Meg Wolff said...

What a great idea!!

Meg Wolff said...

And you are right, Avery is a good "street map"!

Brad said...

My strategy is the opposite of the Ghentians. I have one meat day in the week and all the other days are veggie days; I'm calling it Weekend Omnivory.