27 October 2010

[Several weeks worth of:] Weekend Wreckage, Part VI


A sort of carrot revue was apparently held at the Little Ridge Farm. I wanted to join this CSA but it was just too far to drive. Looks like they had fun though and the farmers' website had excellent recipes each week. I wonder if they held a rude carrot contest too and just didn't post about it.


[Image from PPK.]

It's World Vegan Week this week, but you'll just have to take my word for it because official website is not responding. Obviously, it has been hacked by aggressive, carnivorous plants.

According to the chart below [via BoingBoing], "whole wheat anything" is the lowest form of candy (although it is equivalent to a hug and some acetaminophen, which is just about what I need this morning) …

… but Melissa Clark has nonetheless bothered to compare brands of store bought whole wheat pasta. She came to exactly the right conclusion about which brand is best in my opinion.

I looked everywhere for a picture of this, but apparently none of the gadget obsessed locals bothered to whip out their phone cams: a MAYONNAISE SPILL on a highway in Tokyo caused a multi car pile up. What are they calling this, the Kewpie Crash?

This one is old, but I enjoyed the coverage of cops busting raw milk dealers in California. I dream about getting a defense case like that.

[Also old:] Proof that there's a blog for everything, here's one devoted to doing magnetic resonance imaging of food:

Also, Paleovegan discusses taxonomy, specifically the removal of the sub-Order Omnivora.

The paleolithic diet wasn't, new evidence suggests, just about meat. Apparently there were some "potatoes" involved after all (except not potatoes at all, but starchy cattails). [Was this really news to anyone? Seems like this comes up every once in a while. The article led to interesting discussion on the Forage Ahead Yahoo group in any event.]


Kate. said...

Wow, I learned so much by following just a few of the links in this post! :) Thanks for that.

Brad said...

Thanks, Kate! And don't bring your raw milk to California!

Don Wiss said...

Your "new evidence suggests" link doesn't work. But I've seen dozens of blog posts on the findings. They found evidence of root tubers being ground. Not potatoes. Potatoes are a stem tuber from Peru and it wasn't found on these grinding stones.

As far as I know potatoes are the only stem tuber that we eat. The tubers are pretty close to the surface. When I’ve passed potato fields I see that the farmer has mounded dirt around the plant. Being at or near the surface requires more anti-nutrients than a root tuber that is far under the surface. Hence they are toxic raw.

Back when Neanderthin was the only paleo diet book available, one of the rules we followed was the food had to be edible raw. Cooking was okay, but it had to pass the raw edibility test.

Brad said...

Don, you're taking me a bit too literally. I'm just riffing off "meat and potatoes" to be funny. I figured the link would clear up the issue for me. I'll fix it. The issue is just that there was a more carbohydrate rich component to the dish than some have previously assumed, or so I took it.

Brad said...

Don's right, I was being too sloppy. Fixed the link the post.