31 January 2009

Brunswick's Winter Farmer's Market

Ok, the photo isn't very impressive, but the market is really growing and has some great stuff in it. In addition to getting your usual winter veggies—beets, rutabaga, squash, potatoes, onions, cabbage, and so on—you can find cheese, pork, fish, mussels and all kinds of other treats. A few highlights included the nice indian lady that sells naan and curries, a guy selling olives from his family's orchard in Greece and, of course, Mother Oven Bakery. If all you know of Mother Oven Bakery is what you see in stores, you should check out all the things he sells at the market: falafel, tsatziki, tabouleh, humus, all manner of whole wheat breads, pizzas, and some great cookies. Hint: try a Finikia.

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