05 January 2009

Ingredient Alert: Green Fire!

I got sidetracked by the little freezer at the Yarmouth Rosemont Market & Bakery and this caught my eye:

It's made right in Bowdoinham (and apparently has been for several years now). It's not really a pate at all. It's a salsa verde, and when it says "fiery" with red highlighter on it—well, let's just say they aren't playing with you. But in the right dosage this is a real treat. I had some chicken soup I wasn't satisfied with; I added the "green fire" and "hey, presto!" I had some potatoes that I didn't feel like fussing over; the green fire gave them life. This morning I tried it successfully in eggs scrambled with brown rice. I can see using this in marinades and in, well, any number of things. It'd be a great thing to keep in the freezer for when you don't have the time or ingredients to whip up something hot and flavorful.

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