03 January 2009

Restaruant Mini-Review: Evangeline

My camera phone failed me miserably so you'll just have to take my word for it, but Evangeline is really wonderful. How wonderful? Do you remember that amusingly bird-like chef on Top Chef a few seasons back (Andrew, I think it was) and how he semi-famously uttered the phrase "I just got a culinary boner!" It's like that. But it's not Bandol, if you were fortunate enough to go there during its brief tenure on Exchange Street. Evangeline is more affordable and perhaps set in a slightly lower gear as a result. But it's still so worthwhile. Crispy calf brain fritters! Where can you go to get something like that (sure, Lydia Shire, self described "offal queen," just opened Blue Sky in Kenebunk, but still there's only a handful of places in the state that will offer you this experience).

N.B.: The chef offers pressed duck, but you have to warn him a day before your reservation, so plan ahead. We didn't know and now we have to go back. :)

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